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Quarantine Rest

Establishing Rest in Quarantine

If you’re like us, you’ve probably worked really hard at establishing some sort of new rhythm over the last few weeks.

For us, it seems to be school, outside time, lots of reading (just finished All Creatures Great and Small), making sourdough bread (this is new), dinner, a Marvel movie from the Marvel Universe (I’m still confused), and then sleep. And while we haven’t quite dialed this routine in, it seems to be working at this point.

I know some of you have more work than ever on your hands. You may be fortunate enough to still be on a team that lost other members, so you are doing the work of three people now.

Or maybe this is the first time you have ever been assigned to work from home and you find yourself constantly checking email throughout the day and have a difficult time separating yourself from your work and workspace. This is really common and really difficult! Without the bus, train, or commute, you’re finding it hard to separate life from work and that’s exhausting!

Some of you may have more time than ever on your hands. Especially time at home! Maybe you’ve had a reduction of hours at work or have to fill the time that would be normally spent commuting to the city.

This may be new for you and you fill up your days with new and good routines, time with family, Netflix, and like me, doing at-home workouts that feel like an hour but in reality, it is like 6 minutes!

The point is most people don’t like change and establishing a new routine is hard!

But there is one thing, apart from washing your hands and sanitizing everything every 45 seconds, that I encourage you to build into your new routine.

And that is rest.

Rest, or Sabbath, is vital to us as people made in the image of God. It is vital because it allows us to step back from working so hard at our new routines and truly lean into trusting our caring, powerful, unsurprised by what is happening in the world today, near in this time of suffering, God.

And I know that Sabbath seems like a bigger deal when life is humming along in this quick North Jersey pace, but it is equally important in this new pace and place we find ourselves in today- maybe even more than ever!

Here are some suggestions for Establishing Rest in Quarantine:

  • Choose a day, evening, or few hours to disconnect from anything plugged in and simply do something that is refreshing to you, like a walk outside, journal, draw, or pray.
  • Meditate on a verse from scripture, like Philippians 4:6: "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God". Then do this throughout your chosen time of rest. Be creative!
  • Lay aside your agenda, and simply view thoughts, conversations or situations that arise in your designated rest time as ‘from God,’ and enjoy them, process them, and trust that God is drawing near to you as you put Him above everything else in your life.

Remember: What you do isn’t as important as why you are doing it! You’re trusting in God and your actions are a result of that!

Hope this helps and remember- we are in this together!

We’d love to hear how you are Establishing Rest in Quarantine!



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