Common Ground

Common Ground is our way of unifying the Chapel family each fall. For six weeks, our entire church—from worship services to small groups to students and kids—is on the same page, studying the same topic and growing together. Common Ground 2019 begins on Sunday, September 15.

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Entire Six-Week Study Guide

Small Group Opener Video Introduction

Small Group Opener Video Week 1

Small Group Opener Video Week 2

Small Group Opener Video Week 3

Small Group Opener Video Week 4

Small Group Opener Video Week 5

Small Group Opener Video Week 6

Chapel Kids Devotionals



Three books that will be available for purchase at the prayer resource table during Common Ground are "Prayer" by Tim Keller, "A Praying Life" by Paul Johnson, and "Fervent" by Priscilla Shirer. 

Staff Picks

A Praying Life by Paul Miller 

"This book is such a great reminder that prayer is about being personal with God... not perfect. That God calls us to come to him as we are. To come weary, wandering, and overwhelmed. That is a praying life!"

- Jamie Longo, Director of Care

Simple Prayers by Kenneth and Karen Boa

"This is set up like a daily devotional of prayers, based on scripture. Each passage provides prompts to lead you as you pray. It's a great help to keep your prayers fresh and focused."

-Ted Voltmer, Executive Pastor

Prayer by Phillip Yancy

"Prayer by Phillip Yancy talks about prayer as not simply a way to get God to do what you want, but rather a way to align yourself with what he is doing with more of a relational emphasis."

-Paul Klouse, Campus Pastor

30 Words: A Devotional for the Rest of Us by Jarrid Wilson

- Brandon Kingry, Technical Director

Jesus, Let's Talk by Lisa Jamieson

"We're using Lisa Jamieson's Jesus, Let's Talk during Common Ground with several of our friends. From Walk Right In Ministries, this book of simple but deep words, ASL highlights, and engaging photographs by Ann L. Hinrichs helps children, early readers, and people with developmental differences learn the basics of prayer, and includes questions and answers at the end."

-Ingrid Flannery, Director of Special Needs Inclusion


Prayer: Invitation to a Relationship
Relationships are beautiful. Think about your closest friends: when you’re with them, you feel safe, loved, and energized. No one needs to remind you to spend time with them; you crave their company. Can you imagine having that kind of relationship with God? The truth is, we can—by learning to pray. This fall, let’s move beyond the shallow, cold prayer life that many of us have grown accustomed to. Let’s accept the invitation of a Father who loves giving his children good things, but even more, loves giving us the gift of himself. And let’s learn to pray not because we’re supposed to, but because we want to.

Sept. 15 "Experiencing God"

Psalm 27:4

Ephesians 3:14-19

Sept. 22 "Listen Before Speaking" Psalm 1:1-3
Sept. 29 "In Jesus' Name"

John 16:23-24

Galatians 4:5-6

Oct. 6 "Worship & Gratitude"

Matthew 6:9

Romans 1:21

Oct. 13 "Ask and You Shall Receive"

Matthew 7:7-11

Luke 22:42

Oct. 20 "Pray Without Ceasing"

1 Thessalonians 5:17

Matthew 6:9-13