SoulCare "Foundations"

SoulCare "Foundations"

Every Sunday, from 10/21/2018 to 12/09/2018, 11:10 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: Lincoln Park Campus, 264 Jacksonville Road, Lincoln Park, NJ, Lincoln Park, NJ US 07035

Student Ministry Building

Part 1: Foundations

Learn how to live out the gospel in the midst of your own struggles and victories. Be equipped to help others do the same.

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SoulCare Lay Counseling Training

Whether you feel called to serve in the lay counseling ministry or not (and don’t let the word counseling scare you), there are ways for you to still participate in the building up of a community of people, all of which have been redefined by the grace and truth of the gospel.

The SoulCare Lay Counseling Core Curriculum is a 3-LEVEL paradigm that is intentionally Christ-centered and heart-focused.

The following courses are a combined comprehensive and practical approach towards helping people find real (and lasting) change in their lives, as well as equipping them to help facilitate change in the lives of others:


The Bible calls us to “counsel” (speak life to) each other on a daily basis by encouraging, challenging, and building one-another up in the gospel. This 8-week foundational course introduces participants to the model of biblical change, and teaches them how to apply biblical truth to their own lives to affect lasting change. It also equips them to help others do the same.     


This training course builds upon the basic principles of biblical counseling and offers an in-depth and comprehensive approach to teaching lay counselors how to counsel.  Designed to educate and equip a community of helpers within the church, this training will give the participant the necessary tools to begin offering careful and biblical encouragement, direction, hope, and instruction for personal growth to hurting people in a hurting world.


This training focuses on the “must-knows” for all lay counselors. It is specifically designed to equip the participants with the necessary tools that will protect both themselves and the individuals that they help during the counseling/interaction process.

Listed below is the essential core-group of topics that the training will be centered upon:

Ethics of Biblical Counseling


Personal Pitfalls & Dangers of Counseling

Drawing Boundaries: Knowing limits & limitations

Importance and techniques of referral

Policy & Procedures

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