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You have been uniquely created by God… to fulfill your divine purpose! In a day where so many people are frustrated, looking in different places to discover their life purpose and true meaning, you have the answer.  Look no further than who you are!

In Identity, TD Jakes reminds you that the key to finding your purpose is rediscovering the person you were made to be!   This pocket-sized book with only 7 chapters will help you learn how to:

  • Prepare for destiny-defining moments that push you into new realms of supernatural living
  • Resist everyday enemies that distract you from finding your identity in Christ and accomplishing your dreams
  • See the greater picture of your purpose—your role in a plan that is bigger than your life and will outlive you
  • Locate your places of deposit and invest into people, purposes, and places that are instrumental in advancing your destiny

Stop searching for purpose… and begin your life-changing journey to discovering your true identity and calling today!

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“What Am I Here For?” Registration


“What Am I Here For?” will be done in small-size groups (1-2 people), but you are still part of a BIGGER community of people learning about their purpose together!  We’ve created a Facebook group to help us stay connected, and encourage one another each week.  Please share photos of you & your “partner” meeting together; share a key Scripture verse or key takeaway from your book.  Let’s grow and learn together!