Mexico Trip

Short-Term Mission Trip to Mexico

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Mexico Trip

Short-Term Mission Trip to Mexico

Summer Missions Trip – Mexico 2019

Ministry Opportunity:

The 2019 Mexico mission trip will be to Word of Life (WoL, or in Spanish, Palabra de Vida) Mexico, located in the city of Bernal.   Bernal is a small, historic town 30 minutes outside the city of Queretaro. It is a national tourist destination for its famous “Peña”, a 433-meter tall monolith rock formation. The town is one of many in the region protected by the Government of Mexico as a historic cultural site, and is a favorite location for national tourism. The WoL property, as seen in the videos below, is right in front of the Peña.

This is the least evangelized area in Mexico and in all of Central and South America, also known as the “Circle of Silence”.  Only 1% of the population here has ever heard the Gospel.

The ministry opportunity is to assist at the WoL Bible Institute’s evangelistic summer children’s camp. Both Spanish and non-Spanish speakers are welcome and needed. Each volunteer will be directly involved in ministering to nationals.

Volunteers are needed to serve in one or more of the many areas of need.  Each service area has a missionary overseer and Chapel volunteers will serve with them.  Each Chapel volunteer will apply with WoL for the service areas they are interested in, and will be placed based upon their skill sets.  The WoL staff is bilingual.

The Service areas are (those with an asterisk do not require bilingual ability):

  • Maintenance (gardening, masonry, electricity, etc) *
  • Food service (serving each camper at meals at a group table) *
  • Kitchen (food prep) *
  • Cafeteria clean-up crew (washing dishes and cleaning dining) *
  • Program crew (sports and group games)
  • Counselors (must be bilingual and with a recommendation from pastor or elders for biblical counseling)
  • Counselor assistant (should be bilingual or relatively decent Spanish to escort children around camp and live in dorms)
  • Adventure camp (climbing tower, paintball course, rock climbing, hiking the Peña)
  • Audio/visual crew *
  • Photography/recording crew *
  • Worship Team
  • Drama Team
  • Snack shack
  • Cleaning Crew (clean main auditorium, meeting rooms, bathrooms, etc.) *
  • Security *

Each service area has a different rotating schedule. However, generally all camp volunteers and campers attend daily morning chapel worship services. A radio translation system is available for individuals who do not speak Spanish for the chapel times.

WoL Mexico (English) - - general video about WoL

Teen Camp video - - video showing teen camp (note that we will be there for the younger-aged children’s camp)


 The trip will depart on Sunday, July 28th and return on Sunday, August 4th, with the actual camp running from the 29th to the 3rd.  


The cost of the trip will be $950, inclusive of airfare.  This will cover meals, housing, and all transportation.  The Chapel can also provide a scholarship for some of the cost for members who make an effort to raise support.  Financial support from the Mission Committee will only be considered after the participants have raised or given 50% of the total cost.  Upon application, a $250 non-refundable deposit will be collected.

In addition to this, if the Chapel volunteer is a minor (16+), they MUST be joined by a parent and have a permission slip that needs to be signed by the Parent or Guardian in the presence of a notary public and notarized for international travel. This may entail additional cost.  Also, it would be recommended to purchase additional international travel evacuation and medical insurance to cover any potential medical bills while traveling overseas. Each volunteer should check with his or her medical insurance in regard to international travel coverage.

Documentation required:

 Valid passport for the trip dates (must not be within 6 months of expiration as of August 4, 2019 – it must be valid beyond February 4, 2020).

  • All participants must come under a tourist visa with an INM form filled out at the port of entry (airport in Mexico)

 Housing and Meals:

 There is housing on campus for single guys and girls and limited housing for married couples. The Chapel volunteers have the opportunity to share housing with WoL summer staff. This will help build relationships and immerse volunteers in the culture.

 All meals for our staff will be in the cafeteria. There is some capacity to adjust meals for special diet restrictions upon request. Bottled water is provided for volunteers at all times.

 The facilities have a medical center with a doctor on campus. There is a hospital in town and some of the best medical facilities in the country are 30 minutes away in the city of Queretaro.

If you are interested or would like more detail, please contact Bill Sayre.