Online Campus Technical Support

Visit and click “Join us Online”

To view our live service press play when you enter the online campus. If you arrived early you may have to wait for the broadcast to begin.

Playback issues can be caused by a variety of factors here are some things you can check to improve the viewing experience:

1) Use an up to date device and web browser. If you are having trouble on your computers default browser we recommend installing Google Chrome.

2) Check your signal strength. If you are using WiFi or Cellular to connect check that you are getting a strong signal. If you are not receiving a strong connection try moving closer to your wireless router or changing the location of your router. For example a wireless router in your basement will have a difficult time providing adequate signal to a room on the second floor.

3) Adjust the playback resolution on our services by hovering over the video on your computer and clicking on the gear wheel to select a lower quality stream. By default the setting is “auto” but sometimes manually selecting “432p” or “270p” will help with performance as they require less bandwidth.

4) If lowering the playback resolution still causes issues you may have too many devices on your network. Every computer, phone, iPod, Alexa, and other WiFi enabled devices will all eat up bandwidth and affect your perfomance. Disconnecting some of these devices will help free up bandwidth for your viewing device. You can also improve performance by closing any open tabs you have on your device except the Online Campus.

5) Check your network connection. To test the bandwitdth of visit Download speeds are measured in Mbps, streaming services will require speeds between 5Mbps for low resolution and 25Mbps for High Definition playpack. If your speed is lower check with your internet service provider for help troubleshooting your connection.

To join the chat enter a nickname in the space provided on the chat window. This can be any nickname, but we encourage you to connect with The Chapel Family using your real name.

You can also sign up with an account for our Online Campus, this will allow you to Log In on future visits and keep your same nickname allowing us to get to know you better! To do so click “Sign Up” in the top right corner. Fill out the short form and you’re good to go!

Below the chat window there is a notes tab. This tab will allow you to see notes that include useful information such as links to accessing Online Kids and Students Lessons and Videos. You can also use this section to take your own notes and at the end of service you can use the e-mail or print icon on the top right corner to save the notes you made.

The schedule tab will show you when upcoming services and events are scheduled to go live. You can also use the invite button to e-mail your friends to join you for church online!

The Bible tab makes it easy for you to follow along with the sermon right within the Online Campus.

Below the chat window is a button for “Live Prayer” selecting this opens up a private chat between you and one of the members of our Online Campus Prayer team or Campus Pastor John Dere.