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From Here to There

Jul 04, 2021 | Dave Gustavsen


Exodus 4:29-7:13

At one time or another, we’ve probably all dealt with disappointment - things we had hoped for didn’t quite turn out the way we envisioned. Disappointment can leave us devastated, jaded, and unbroken. In “Disappointment,” Pastor Dave Gustavsen shares several questions to consider, which will help us move past our disappointment and forward in faith.

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For the Hebrew people, here was not a good place to be. As despised slaves in Egypt, they were stripped of dignity and without hope. But God had a dream for their future: to bring them there. Through some of the most memorable events in history—the burning bush, Moses confronting Pharaoh, crossing the Red Sea—God powerfully led his people from here to there. It’s an epic story…and it can be our story. Whatever our here is, will we trust the God who wants to lead us there?