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Encounters with Jesus

Oct 31, 2021 | Ted Voltmer

Encounter with a Powerful Man

John 18:28-19:26

Worldly power means choosing what works for us. It’s practical; it makes sense, it “feels” right. But, if we’re only focused on doing what works, we may miss out on doing what is right. In “Encounter with a Powerful Man,” Pastor Ted Voltmer shares how Jesus stood up to worldly power with the power of love and grace. Each day, we have decisions to make -- will we choose to do what works, or what is right?

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How does real change happen? Is it education, self-help, or getting socially “woke”? None of the above. When Jesus walked this earth, he changed lives by encountering people one at a time. He engaged them in conversation, saw their deepest needs, and invited them to the better way of walking in his kingdom. This fall, we’ll look at six encounters with Jesus from John’s Gospel. And if we’re listening, we’ll never be the same. We’ll hear his voice. We’ll experience his love. And we’ll become passionate about helping others encounter Jesus for themselves.

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