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Done With Church

Feb 07, 2021 | Dave Gustavsen

Reason #5: The Church Represses Women

Romans 16:1-7

Culture has made big strides in recognizing and valuing women.  Yet, within the church, people see certain doors that are only open to men.  And for some people—both men and women—this is a big reason that they’re done with church. Pastor Dave Gustavsen and Heather Horn address these issues in "Reason #5: The Church Represses Women."

The following books are recommended by Heather Horn and Pastor Dave. Some of these books present a “complementarian” position (meaning that men and women complement one another by playing different roles in church leadership), which is the view held by The Chapel. Others present an “egalitarian” position (meaning that there is no distinction between the roles of men and women in the church). As always, we recommend becoming familiar with various viewpoints, prayerfully and thoughtfully deciding which one best represents the teaching of Scripture.

“Jesus, Justice, and Gender Roles” by Kathy Keller

“Developing Female Leaders” by Kadi Cole

“Women and God” by Kathleen Nielson

“Gifted to Lead” by Nancy Beach

“Two Views on Women in Ministry” by Belleville, Blomberg, Keener and Schreiner

“Neither Complementarian nor Egalitarian: A Kingdom Corrective to the Evangelical Gender Debate” by Lynn Cohick

Journeywomen: Women's Roles in the Church with Mary Willson ( - podcast with Mary Willson

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As we begin 2021, more Americans than ever have decided they’re done with church. Why? This winter, let’s lean in and talk about some of the main reasons that people turn away. Let’s do some honest self-critique and be humble enough to change where necessary. And let’s never lose sight of the one who showed up to disrupt organized religion 2,000 years ago.