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Nov 07, 2021 | Dave Gustavsen

The Father’s Heart

Luke 15:1-10

Have you ever lost something of value?  If so, you probably had a knot in your stomach and spent time searching for it.  If it was found, you were probably overjoyed. That’s exactly how God feels about those who are lost. In “The Father’s Heart,” Pastor Dave Gustavsen shares how God takes each loss personally; searches fervently (regardless of the risks); and joyfully celebrates when someone is found and bought home. 

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We are all natural-born prodigals. We go about it in different ways, but in one way or another, we all have a tendency to push away from God and try to make life work on our own terms. It never ends well. So why do we stubbornly resist God? Because we don’t truly understand his heart. In Luke 15, Jesus delivers a mini-series of three parables, all with the same purpose: to give us a glimpse into the Father’s heart. And what he reveals stretches us in life-altering ways, challenging our own prodigal tendencies and the way we treat the prodigals we love.