Student Missions Trips

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Student Missions Trips

Philosophy & vision

Student mission trips are a privileged opportunity that allows individuals to engage with the transformational power of the Gospel in a different context. By introducing tension into our spiritual journey, we grow and receive from God's wisdom and perspective to expand our worldview. 

The vision for student mission trips and service projects is to cultivate a healthy biblical worldview and missiological perspective that expands beyond the duration of the trip or project. They are not vacations or a chance to get away with friends. We aim to determine individuals who are spiritually mature enough to handle the challenges of each unique opportunity, but understand that none of us will ever be perfectly matched or deserving of the chance to serve or lead. With this framework in mind, we should proactively teach, disciple, and mentor students INTO the missions and evangelism process. We are called and commissioned to be sent out as a living, breathing testaments of the grace and love of God.

To support this vision and to partner with the Missions Committee, our Chapel Students team has made the decision to remove the prescribed “Level” system. It is the position of Chapel Students that no student should be “grandfathered” into a trip or service project based on previous trip experience. Every new ministry year we start at ground zero to determine spiritual health and maturity. The win-win goal is to appropriately match students’ maturity and giftings to align with the purpose and goals of the partnering ministry on the trip.

Chapel Students Mission Trip Qualifications:
  1. Regular attendance at The Chapel and Chapel Students' ministry. Individuals must have a desire to serve. For trips centered on evangelism or discipleship interactions- students must have the ability to share the Gospel.
  2. A history of serving at The Chapel events, local non-profits, etc.
  3. Attend ALL team meetings and training sessions prior to the trip.
  4. It is expected that each participant, as representatives of the Gospel and The Chapel, conducts themselves in a manner that honors Jesus Christ. This includes but is not limited to the importance of: 1.) being a team player, 2.) participating in all activities on the trip such as small groups, training, prayer time 3.) refraining from the use of alcohol or tobacco 4.) using respectful and appropriate language 5.) dressing appropriately 6.) submitting to the leadership on the trip
Mission Trips

Spruce Lake Retreat: June 28-July 3, 2020

Partner: Joni and Friends

Leader: Cory Daniels 

Grades: Going into 9th-12th 

Cost: $650.00 (Deposit: $100)

 Joni & Friends hosts Family Retreat getaways for families with disabilities. Our team will be on the ground from the moment these families show up for their summer camp week until they leave. We will play games, do crafts, help with set up and tear down for different activities, eat alongside these families, and spend time as a team growing closer to Jesus through small group discussion and team-building activities. The cost includes room and board, transportation, a t-shirt, and small group activity materials.

Paterson, NJ: July 5-10, 2020 (Overnight)

Partner: New City Kids

Leader: Cesar Tapia 

Grades: Going into 10th-12th

Cost: $675.00 (Deposit: $100)

New City Kids develops and empowers local High School students to lead after-school and summer programs for inner-city kids in grades 1st-8th. This unique weeklong sleepaway mission trip is an incredible opportunity for our team to come alongside a proven ministry. The real draw for this trip is the New City Kids Leadership Development Program which is designed to help empower and send out our students as leaders in the church, and individuals who can and will change the world. The cost includes room and board, transportation, leadership development curriculum, a t-shirt, and small group activity materials. 

CS Invasion Week: August 3-7, 2020

Locations: Lincoln Park, Wayne, Montclair

Leaders: Cory Daniels, Kathy Vitaro, Cesar Tapia, Heather Horn, 

Grades: Going into 6th-12th

Cost: $150.00 (Deposit: $25)

 Chapel Students will spend the week INVADING our local church communities with the love of Jesus. We will partner with nonprofits connected and close to each of our physical campuses here at The Chapel. These daily service projects will give us an opportunity to build deeper relationships within our own student team, as well as expanding our connection to the people who make up The Chapel family! Our goal is to make each day feel like its own unique mission trip experience. Cost includes transportation, some meals, a t-shirt, group activities, and snacks. More details to come!

 Bernal, Mexico: August 2-9, 2020 (passport required)

Partner: Word of Life Mexico

Leader: Bill Sayre

Grade: Juniors and Seniors only

Cost: $950.00 (Deposit: $450)

 The Chapel is sending out an adult mission trip and we are excited to partner with Word of Life in sending students on this trip. The WOL camps in Bernal Mexico is located in the “Circle of Silence” where only 1% of the population has ever heard the Gospel. Students will have opportunities to serve in a variety of ways. Students who are bilingual and can share the Gospel in small group settings are highly encouraged to sign up for this trip! Cost includes room and board, and all transportation (including airfare). Please note: a passport is required.


*Registration Deadline is February 8, 2020*

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