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Getting the Right Things Right

You can’t do it all. And if you try, you will burn out fast. So as we enter a new year, let’s resolve to get the right things right. Let’s feel free to say “no” to lesser things so we can honor God in four key areas: our spiritual, relational, physical, and financial life. This kind of clear focus will simplify your decisions, lower your stress, and position you to serve God better. 2022 is filled with mystery, but one thing is certain: life will be better if you get the right things.

Aug 15, 2021


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear or think...

Aug 08, 2021


All of us lead in some way:  whether it’s at work, at...

Aug 01, 2021


As humans, we all experience hunger. In “Manna,” Pastor...

Jul 25, 2021


At some point in life, we can find ourselves in “Red Sea...

Jul 18, 2021


We can often be controlled by things other than God.  Those things...

Jul 11, 2021


We often wonder who God is and what He wants from us.  In...

Jul 04, 2021


At one time or another, we’ve probably all dealt with...

Jun 27, 2021


Have you ever struggled with doubt? Doubt can be tricky and sneaky...

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