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Our desire is to come alongside our families, supporting them as they raise children from infancy through high school. To be a place where they can work through stuff without judgement. A place they will look to for help and the tools to be the parents God is calling them to be. A true resource to the family.

We have fantastic families at the Chapel but see the pressure they are under.  The financial pressure of living in North Jersey. The pressure to raise well rounded kids who are great students, super athletes, and already signed up for the next Chapel mission trip.  How do we “do it all” while still having family time?  Am I letting my kid down if I don’t give them every opportunity I can?  Plus, what does “Christian Parenting” even look like? 

A huge part of parenting is the relationship between parents.  How do parents protect a healthy marriage, heal a struggling marriage, redeem a broken one or parent alone?

These are all questions we want to struggle through answering together.

If you would like to know more about Family Ministries and how The Chapel is serving families, please email Heather, our Director of Family Ministries, or check out all of our ministries.

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