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Done With Church

Jan 31, 2021 | Dave Gustavsen

Reason #4: The Church Hates Gay People

All kinds of people – including those who felt shut out by religion – felt welcomed by Jesus. In "Reason # 4: The Church Hates Gay People,” Pastor Dave Gustavsen and Art Periera discuss how we’ve failed (as a church and individuals) in loving our LGBT communities. They challenge us to be more like Jesus, leading with grace and truth, in our posture towards our LGBT friends and neighbors.

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Series Information

As we begin 2021, more Americans than ever have decided they’re done with church. Why? This winter, let’s lean in and talk about some of the main reasons that people turn away. Let’s do some honest self-critique and be humble enough to change where necessary. And let’s never lose sight of the one who showed up to disrupt organized religion 2,000 years ago.