Small Groups

Thank you for your interest in joining a small group, or starting your own. Small groups are the place where spiritual growth happens. This past year has proved more than ever just how important it is to be connected. Join a Small Group this fall to build relationships, grow in your faith, and experience community. We have a variety of groups available for everyone. Whether it’s in-person or online, we can’t wait for you to join us!


Common Ground Messages

Stay caught up with each week of Common Ground! Along with the Sermon Videos, be sure to check back for Monday Quizzes, Wednesday Encounter's With Jesus Testimony videos, and Focused Fridays.


Common Ground Materials

Common Ground Connection Activities

Week 1 - Encounter with a Religious Man

   Monday Morning Quiz  
   Wednesday's Encounters with Jesus 
   Focused Friday

Week 2 - Encounter with a Lonely Woman

   Monday Morning Quiz  
   Wednesday's Encounters with Jesus 
   Focused Friday

Week 3 - Encounter with a Hopeless Man
   Monday Morning Quiz  
   Wednesday's Encounters with Jesus 
   Focused Friday


Week 4 - Encounter with a Moral Failure

  Monday Morning Quiz  
  Wednesday's Encounters with Jesus 
  Focused Friday


Join a group

Encounter Jesus TWO-Gether

Why not come alongside one another and "encounter Jesus TWO-gether?" Simply grab a friend, a neighbor or co-worker, even a family member, and commit to meeting TWO-gether for 6-weeks (in a way that works best for you and your "partner") and discussing the sermon series. We'll provide materials to guide your discussion. TWO-gether, you can encourage one another to learn and grow this fall! Register to join.

NEW Co-ed Common Ground

Tuesday nights at The Chapel
All are welcome to join this NEW Common Ground group! We’ll connect and build relationships as we discuss the sermon series, “Encounters with Jesus.” Register to join.


Encounters with Jesus Facebook Group

Join our Encounters with Jesus Facebook Group.

Mixed Singles (55+ and up)

All are welcome to join this group of mixed singles, ages 55 and up.  This group meets Thursday nights at the Chapel, from 7-8:30PM.  We’ll be discussing the Common Ground series, “Encounters with Jesus.” Register to join.

God Sees You

Our vision is to live out Isaiah 1:17 to be actively mission-minded, personal, and relational in serving the Chapel family and our community. Our mission is to connect small groups & individuals with specific opportunities to serve those in need. We often serve widows/widowers, fatherless/motherless, and those encountering difficult shorter-term circumstances. 

Start Your own small group

Follow these easy steps:
• First, let us know you’re interested in starting a group.
• Next, invite two or more to join you weekly in-person or via Zoom at the day and time of your choice. Find out more about using Zoom 
• Encourage your group to watch the sermon and use the provided materials to engage with the Scripture during the week.
• Meet with your group at your designated time.
• Have questions about leading a small group? Check out our Guidelines for Facilitating a Small Group.